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Ultrasonic Anti-Powder System (Discharge pipe anti-blockage device using supersonic wave)
Joint-development and technology transfer by TECHEST and Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology. 5 related patents

When discharging residues (ex. process gas) after manufacturing process, the residues pile up and clog the pipearrowreducing efficiency and stability of the manufacturing process
How it works
장치 원리

Sends small kinetic energy along the interior of the pipe and prevents residues from piling up.
prevention effectiveness
prevention effectiveness
장치 구성 (HEAD, DRIVER)
기대 효과
기대 효과

  • First to introduce eco-friendly, high-efficiency Anti-powder technology to the market
  • Low power consumption: lower than 120W (50% or less compared to heat jacket)
  • Improved maintenance and replacement cycle
Dimension(50 pipe) Head : 105W×113D×268H
Controller : 120W×360D×192H
Weight Head : 2.3㎏
Applied pipe STS
40 ~ 200㎜
Sourcee Voltage 220V, Single phase
Current consumption Rating 0.55A, Maximum 0.76A
Power consumption Rating 120W
ISO 9001:2000 Venture Business/Inno-biz